LIBD Stem Cell Browser

Human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) are a powerful model of neural differentiation and maturation. We present a hiPSC transcriptomics resource on corticogenesis from 5 iPSC donor and 13 subclonal lines across nine time points over 5 broad conditions: self-renewal, early neuronal differentiation, neural precursor cells (NPCs), assembled rosettes, and differentiated neuronal cells. We identified widespread changes in the expression of both individual features and global patterns of transcription. We demonstrated that co-culturing human NPCs with rodent astrocytes resulted in mutually synergistic maturation, and that cell type-specific expression data can be extracted using only sequencing read alignments without cell sorting.

This browser allows users to search for and visualize the expression of genes and their subfeatures across neuronal differentiation and corticogenesis. Type any gene name into the search bar to see results of that gene, including feature coordinate information and significance levels of differential expression across differentiation. Expression plots can be saved directly from your web browser. We anticipate this web browser can be a valuable resource for experimental designs, such as transcript-specific knockdown and overexpression experiments.

Use the data tab above to find download links to all preprocessed data used in the project.